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Waste industry

Industrial waste generation cuts across all sectors. This involves the vacuuming and removal of solid or liquid wastes such as metals, dusts, solvents, sand, refractories, oils, and chemical residues.

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The multiplicity of industrial wastes require versatile and effective products

Gerotto’s range of ATEX-certified robots and underwater robots enables the removal of all kinds of materials, including hazardous materials, in confined or explosive spaces.

The problems that arise in these establishments are usually:
- accumulation of dusts or sludges that emit hazardous gases
- the presence of enclosed and difficult-to-access spaces, such as tanks or tunnels, where explosive gases and vapors are concentrated
- loss of production efficiency due to clogged pipelines.
Biogas plants/ Digestors
Pipe Cleaning
Containment/ treatment tanks cleaning
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Lombrico XXS

Small industrial cleaning no man entry robot for sludge removal in confined spaces


Gatto RC

Remotely controlled robotic digger equipped with hydraulic arm.


Gatto MoB

Robotic Digger with hydraulic arm and controls mounted on board.


Lobe Bull

Underwater robot equipped with an on-board mounted lobe pump.

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