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Gerotto Robotics

Gatto RC

A radio-controlled digger capable of moving and vacuuming material. Ideal in construction for decomissioning and in industry for the removal of materials and waste inside tanks, basins and pipes.

01_Gatto RC remotely controlled mini robot for excavation
Confined spaces:can be used within confined or hazardous environments, where humans are not normally foreseen.
No man entry:the product can be used in areas so narrow that man cannot pass through.
No man risk:the product does not cause explosions or toxic fumes in the working area.

The ideal solution for safe vacuuming inside pipes and confined spaces.

The Gatto RC is a powerful solution for vacuuming solids and liquids deposited inside pipelines, tunnels, or for sucking up debris from demolition or renovation work.

Two versions are available: the first, the standard version, with a narrow 500 [mm] undercarriage; the second one, wider, which houses the 250 [mm] suction hose between the two tracks for connection to a suction excavator.


Reason why

A digger to go where other diggers don’t.

Designed in a modular way, it is now available with a wide range of optional extras that broaden its use possibilities, making it extremely versatile.

The Gatto RC is a remotely controlled robot available in a variety of configurations with power unit on board, skid-mounted or trailer-mounted.


– Versatile configurations
– Fully remotely controllable
– Connectable to suction excavators
– Maximum stability and robustness

Shape apice grey-2 - Gerotto
Shape apice grey-1 - Gerotto
02_Gatto RC remotely controlled mini robot for excavation

Mini-excavator robots are designed from the specific characteristics of the location in which they are going to operate.

Starting from the specific characteristics of the place where it will be necessary to operate, so that each problem is addressed in the most suitable way and with the most appropriate means.


Tailor-made configurations according to working area requirements

A complete system consisting of a robot, its accessory, control Unit (Control Unit) and a hydraulic Power Unit (Power Unit), which can be combined together according to customer requirements.

Choose the Accessory
Choose the Control Unit
Choose the Power Unit
A wide range of optional:

Hydraulic cutting head


Hydraulic hammer

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