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Chemical and petrochemical industry

Robotic technologies for cleaning and remediation interventions in the process industry world within chemical and pharmaceutical plants, glassworks, cement factories, plastic, rubber and water purification plants.

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Periodic maintenance is essential for operational continuity and plant efficiency.

The cleaning of tanks, potabilisation tanks and pipelines requires timely and decisive interventions to remove debris and sludge. Gerotto’s robotic products, thanks to the possibility of configuring accessories, control and power units, make possible to propose effective and high-performance solutions.

The problems that arise in these plants are usually:
- accumulation of dust or sludge that emits hazardous gases
- the presence of confined spaces that are difficult to access, such as tanks or tunnels, where explosive gases and vapors are concentrated.
- the need to transport heavy loads while avoiding the formation of sparks that could cause an explosion.
Tank Cleaning
Containment/ treatment tanks cleaning
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Lombrico S Ex-0

Atex Zone 0 certified robot for cleaning tanks inside refineries and tank terminals.


Lombrico XXS Ex-0

Compact robot certified Atex Zone 0 for industrial reclamation


Lombrico X FTC Ex-0

Atex Zone 0 certified robot specific for cleaning underground diesel tanks.


Lombrico XT Ex-0

Atex Zone 0 certified robot for the removal of sludge and materials inside storage tank.


Lombrico S

No man entry Robot for removing sludge inside tanks and pipes.


Lombrico XXS

Small industrial cleaning no man entry robot for sludge removal in confined spaces


The Bull

Underwater robot with dredging pump mounted on board.


Mini Bull

Underwater robot with centrifugal pump mounted on board.


Lobe Bull

Underwater robot equipped with an on-board mounted lobe pump.

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