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To protect the environmental and urban heritage, it is essential to use “gentle” technologies that can excavate the ground without damaging subservices, root systems, or artifacts of historical or artistic value.

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The suction excavator is ideal safe-dig and to intervene with great precision in geognostic investigations and maintenance of underground utilities

Excavating without damaging buried infrastructure or elements of archaeological, historical or environmental value requires precise and safe digging to core, unearth pipes, cables and conduits.

The most frequent needs in this application:
- Compliance with landscape and archeolgical constraints in the case of root suction apparatus and in sites of historical interest.
- Need for continuity of service in the case of work on underground utilities.
- Urban or environmental contexts that require minimal land occupation.

The suction power of the suction excavator allows it to be used to dig soil up to 3 m deep:

Ability to use compressed air lance to break up material.

- Use of toothed and rotating suction tubes.
- Precise excavation without spoil.

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