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Gerotto Trucks

ESE 6 RD 8000

A reliable and versatile suction excavator that, thanks to its powerful turbines and compact dimensions, vacuums up to 120 m and 45 m depth for more efficient and productive digging or suction operations.

Patented three-stage separation and airflow system for true sustainability

RSP has developed a newly developed separation chamber for optimal material pre-separation. The air flow is progressively dried thanks to long air channels, while micrometrically meshed filters ensure constant suction and zero emission of fumes and dust into the environment.


Reason why

A powerful and compact truck for dry suction of any type of material

The ESE 6 RD 8000 is designed for intensive use on construction sites. Its powerful turbines suck up solids, liquids and dust, making it a key element in the fleet of companies involved in environmental remediation and dry vacuuming in construction.


Volume flow of 42,000 cu m/h
Max. depression of 40,000 Pa
Sustainability thanks to micro-filter system
Facilitated access to built-up and historic centres
Minimal encroachment of the intervention area

Shape apice grey-2 - Gerotto
Shape apice grey-1 - Gerotto

A working tool to increase site productivity

The suction excavator enables the dry suction of many materials. Turbine technology performs to its full potential for removing insulating gravel, rubble, gritty waste, dust, rubble, tiles, stone materials, seeds and flour.

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    Gerotto at the international NO-DIG in Helsinki
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