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Industrial cleaning

Suction excavators and industrial vacuum trucks are perfect working tools for maintenance operations at production facilities and for vacuuming up any kind of dry, wet or dusty material inside refineries, steel mills, glassworks, paper mills or incinerators.

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Operating within industries means working under tight deadlines, adhering to the highest safety standards

Gerotto trucks are powerful vehicles that, thanks to suction through turbines or vacuum pump, ensure high productivity and site optimization.

The problems that occur in industrial plants are usually:
Accumulation of dust or sludge emitting hazardous gases.
The presence of confined and difficult-to-access spaces, such as tanks or pipelines, where explosive gases and vapors are concentrated.
The need to transport material safely.
Compliance with scheduled plant downtime.
Large suction distances up to 200 [mt].
Remote control of equipment to increase operator safety.
Ability to vacuum any type of solid, liquid and dusty material.
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ESE 6 RD 8000

The Gerotto ESE 6 RD 8000 suction excavator is a reliable and versatile machine that vacuums up to 120 mt and 45 mt deep.


ESE 6 RT 10000

The Gerotto Ese 6 RT 10000 suction excavator is powerful and capacious, perfect for construction and industrial remediation applications.



The Vortex Amphitec is a powerful self-purge, ideal for wet and dry vacuuming of solids and liquids.



The Amphitec Flex-Loader is the industrial roll-off and stand-alone vacuum cleaner that combines large loading capacity with high portability.



The V-Force Amphitec is a vacuum truck designed for vacuuming, relaunching, transporting and unloading even hazardous fluid material.

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