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Water treatment plants

A complete range of robots and underwater robots to keep water treatment plants, potable tanks, settling tanks, cooling towers, and wastewater basins clean.

01_ROV subacquei per pulizia di cisterne

Sediments and sand removal is essential for an optimized productivity of industrial plants and proper operation of integrated water service.

integrated water system or the water management of an industrial facility requires cleanup and remediation work to remove sediment such as sand and debris or to unclog pipes and pipelines. All while negating tank and pipeline emptying times thanks to Gerotto underwater ROVs.

The problems that arise in these areas are usually:
  • accumulation of muddy deposit in settling basins
  • partial or total obstruction of sewers and pipelines
  • rischio batteriologico
  • evitare lo spreco d'acqua dovuto allo svuotamento di cisterne e silos
Containment/ treatment tanks cleaning
Pipe Cleaning
sewage pumping station
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