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Gerotto Robotics – Lobe Bull

Lobe Bull

Lobe Bull is a robot patented by Gerotto: it is an underwater ROV (remotely operated vehicle) with an on-board lobe pump perfect for removing sludge and sludge inside tanks and plants in refineries, terminals, and chemical industries up to 20 [m] depth.

01_Lobe Bull remotely operated vehicle for cleaning tank
Confined spaces:can be used within confined or hazardous environments, where humans are not normally foreseen.
No man entry:the product can be used in areas so narrow that man cannot pass through.
No man risk:the product does not cause explosions or toxic fumes in the working area.

A robot that vacuums autonomously

The Lobe Bull is designed to vacuum without being coupled with Industrial Vacuum tracks and suction excavators.


Reason why

Performance, efficiency and reduction of plant downtime

The use of the Lobe Bull leads to a great economic advantage: thanks to the on-board lobe pump, the robot performs cleaning regardless of the use of suction and vacuum truck excavators. In addition, it has the ability to perform maintenance without the interruption of equipment, thus reducing production downtime.


– Drastic reduction in costs for maintenance operations.

– On-line plant maintenance,
Reducing downtime and production stoppages.

– Independent of external suction units (suction excavators, industrial vacuum cleaners, etc.).

– Ideal for underwater maintenance up to 20 [m] depth.

Shape apice grey-2 - Gerotto
Shape apice grey-1 - Gerotto
02_Lobe Bull remotely operated vehicle for cleaning tank

Mini-Excavator robots are designed with the specific characteristics of the site in mind.

The Bull range consists of a series of robots designed specifically for heavy-duty industrial maintenance and cleaning work. Thanks to the pump mounted on board all the robots can work without the connections to a vacuum truck or a suction excavator.


Customized configurations based on working area needs

Discover the products designed and developed by Gerotto we help you choose the best combination of accessories, power units and control units.

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Stainless steel auger

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