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Lombrico SP

The patent pending robot with an on-board screw pump was developed to remove sludge by means of an 80 [mm] / 3″ diameter pipe without the need of a suction excavator or industrial vacuum truck.

Confined spaces:can be used within confined or hazardous environments, where humans are not normally foreseen.
No man entry:the product can be used in areas so narrow that man cannot pass through.
No man risk:the product does not cause explosions or toxic fumes in the working area.

Lombrico SP can pump very thick sludge without difficulty

The on-board screw pump has the capacity to pump material up to 10 [m3/h], with a pressure of up to 5 bar. A lever positioned on the front accessory has the fundamental function of conveying the material towards the suction pipe by means of an alternating cyclic movement at an angle of 300°. At the same time, jets of water fluidise the material to make pumping easier. Due to the high viscosity of the material, the suction pipe is continuously unclogged by a blade. The entire system can achieve up to 24 hours of continuous operation.


Reason why

The solution that requires limited water use

Thanks to the high-pressure nozzles that are installed to dose the use of liquids, only a limited volume of water can be used.

The Lombrico SP therefore proves to be not only a very effective solution for the suction of sludge, but also a product that avoids the waste of such an important resource as water.


  • Lower cleaning costs.
  • High productivity and reduced downtime.
  • Camera and LED system certified Atex Zone 0.
  • No need to add large volumes of water.

Mini robots are designed focusing on the specific features of the job site

The Lombrico range consists of a series of robots designed specifically for heavy-duty industrial maintenance and cleaning work. The modularity of the system allows great flexibility in terms of control unit and power unit


Tailor-made configurations according to work area needs

A complete system consisting of a robot, an ATEX Zone 1 control unit and a hydraulic power unit, which can be combined together according to customer requirements.

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