After sales

A reference to assist customers thanks to a professional after-sales service and customized training. 


Working with Suction Excavators and Mini Robot Excavators means using advanced technology and in highly complex fields such as industrial plants, infrastructures, construction sites. For this reason, every operator and customer need a constant, reliable and competent point of reference who takes care of requests for assistance and provides adequate support and training. 

Whether it is a doubt about the functioning of an accessory, an unexpected event or the need for training before implementation, the After Sales team of Gerotto Federico S.r.l. is available to take charge of requests and provide effective solutions. 


The ability to provide assistance comes from a deep knowledge of the products and the choice to equip the company with an internal mechanic’s workshop. This allows us to have the know-how and tools to customize the equipment, plan revamping of vehicles and manage reparation thanks to the team of specialized mechanics and engineers. 

Escavatore a Risucchio in officina Gerotto


Thanks to the internal warehouse supplied with replacement parts, accessories and components, each customer knows he can count on adequate support in every operational phase: both for ordinary maintenance and for extraordinary interventions.