Gerotto service

Gerotto is close to its customers even after they've purchased the Suction Excavators and Mini Robot Excavators, providing them the necessary assistance for the revamping, repair and installation of any spare parts.

Mini Robot Excavators and Suction Excavators are subjected to very strong operational stresses: from ATEX areas to confined spaces, from urban construction sites to reclamation, up to interventions for hydrogeological emergencies and natural disasters. This determines the need for ongoing assistance to repair any components, replace worn parts, plan overhaul interventions and predictive maintenance 

Gerotto is specialized in vehicle revamping, which following an accurate analysis of the machine, determines a series of operations necessary for a general modernization which aims at guaranteeing maximum efficiency: 

  • revision of turbines with replacement of belts and bearings;  
  • refurbishment of damaged carpentry;  
  • overhaul of the mechanical digging arm, with replacement of the pins and overhaul of the rotation motor;  
  • possible repainting of the bodywork, cab and chassis; 
  • verification of the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic system of the set-up; 
  • general check of the machine and its functions.