The training

Knowing in detail how the Robot Mini Excavators or the Suction Excavators work is the best way to ensure greater efficiency and maintain high performance over time. 

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. offers customers a training service to learn how to make the most of the machines’ potential and provide operators with the necessary preparation to use them. At the end of the training, we issue a regular certificate of suitability for use of the vehicle. 

The training includes a practical training during the delivery phase of the machine/robot to the operator who will drive it, but possibly also to the owner of the company or to the technician in charge of the works. In this phase, the customer is instructed by specialized personnel on the use and maintenance of the Robot Mini Excavator and the Suction Excavator; depending on the needs, the training can be carried out at the Gerotto headquarter in Campodarsego (PD), or at the customer himself. 


    Training on the use of Suction Excavators includes the following program: 

    • Main features of the suction excavator, including: hydraulic, mechanical and electronic functions. 
    • Construction features of the excavator set-up. 
    • Main routine operations for the correct maintenance. 
    • Safety procedures in the use of the suction excavator, with the choice and use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) suitable for individual protection. 
    • Risks and dangers related to the use of the vehicle (exposure to noise, manual handling of loads, cuts, blows, injuries and hit) and to the main processes (exposure to noise, manual handling of loads, cuts, blows, injuries, hit, jets and splashes, chemical risk). 
    • Practical tests to verify learning. 

    Training on the use of Mini Excavator robots varies according to the type of machine on which it is carried out and includes: 

    • Training on the use of the robot  
    • Training on the use of the use and maintenance manual. 
    • Management of hydraulic and electrical connections. 
    • Use of the CCTV system certified for Atex Zone 0 (for robots that require it).