The industrial robots market needs clarity

Gerotto Federico Srl, which for years has been one of the players in the field of robotic solutions for industrial cleaning, want to counteract the misleading messages and non-transparent dynamics that are influencing the market

Company enterprises

The Italian company Gerotto Federico Srl, which was among the first manufacturers of industrial robots, has been working and investing for over 20 years in Research & Development to identify and propose technological solutions that could meet the increasingly strict requirements of industrial plants maintenance. Gerotto has always worked to ensure that cleaning operations are effective and efficient, putting operators’ safety at first. 

 “We have always been convinced – says Mr. Alessandro Gerotto, General Manager of the company – that the market benefits from fair and transparent competition between manufacturers. This drives technological improvement in the sector, to the benefit of customers and players. As a manufacturing company we work both on standard projects and on new solutions for custom projects, but always using our decades of know-how and our technological assets. In recent months the market has been hit by non-transparent and misleading information about our products and technology from companies that are not manufacturers but customers and users of our equipment. I want to reassure our customers: Gerotto has never transferred its know-how to third parties, nor has ever authorised third parties to claim any exclusive rights to its products or intellectual property. Only Gerotto is entitled to produce, sell or license its robots: these technologies are part of the company's assets and it is our intention to defend Gerotto’s paternity and Gerotto's industrial exploitation rights, both to stop - even by taking legal action - any unlawful appropriation of Intellectual Property rights, and to obtain compensation for the damages caused by those who have engaged in illegitimate and improper conduct. We are for an open and competitive market, that at the same time would remain transparent and in compliance with the rules".  

The history of Gerotto's robotic technology development 

Developed since the early 2000s, Gerotto's range of robots has grown over time thanks to a proactive approach to the market: the ability to work in close contact with customers and operators has allowed us to always develop innovative solutions, designed to respond to new operational needs, created to meet new challenges and to provide development opportunities for the market. The Lombrico series (born in 2002), compact and powerful, is ideal for cleaning basins, pipes, tanks and confined spaces, even at risk of explosion (Atex); The Bull and Mini Bull series, designed in 2019, to work in underwater environments for removing sediment and sludge inside tanks; the Dozer is the specific model for cleaning under conveyor belts; the Easy Dozer is the mini wheeled loader suitable for removing debris and rubble in construction sites and tanks; the Gatto is a mini crawler excavator for removing materials. Finally, the FTC was studied and designed in 2016 specifically for cleaning underground fuel tanks using a high-pressure washing system. 

Since 1966 Gerotto Federico Srl has been developing solutions to make cleaning, reclamation and excavation operations more efficient, safer and more productive in construction sites, industries and infrastructures, in Italy and worldwide. Thanks to three Business Units construction work, suction excavators and mini-robot excavators, the company has always been at the forefront in proposing high adding value technologies and specific skills to operate in complex situations. Gerotto is part of EWJI (European Water Jetting Institute), IATT (Italian Association Trenchless Technologies), Association of Friends of the University of Padua, ANCE Padua (National Association of Construction Companies) and is certified ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and for the production of machinery according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.