Used Suction Excavators for sale

Gerotto performs maintenance on all types of used Suction Excavators, to guarantee the next buyer the exceptional quality and efficiency of the perfect vehicle for industrial cleaning operations.

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Model ESE 18/4-K

Among the used Suction Excavators available for sale, we offer this 2009 ESE 18/4-K mounted on a Mercedes Benz Axor 4x2 chassis.
The vehicle, which is maintained by Gerotto technicians, consists of:

  • High performance single fan.
  • Tilting container with a volume of 4 m³ and water drain valve. 
  • Compressor Qmax = 3,6 m³/min, Pmax = 7 bar.
  • High pressure water system, hose reel included. Pmax = 200 bar, Qmax = 20 l/min.
  • Water tank capacity 100 lt.
  • Mechanical arm.
  • Hydraulic drive.
Used Suction Excavator for sale - year 2009