The challenge we face every day is to clean the hardest and unreachable places from dirt, debris, mud and polluting materials.


Gerotto Federico S.r.l. is active throughout Italy in the sale and rental of Suction Excavators and Mini Robot Excavators
Reliability and experience are the main characteristics that brought Gerotto to become the only distributor in Italy for the Suction Excavators made by the German company RSP GmbH, and the first company in Italy to use this technology.
Since 1998 Gerotto encourages the proliferation of these innovative machines, which guarantee considerable advantages, compared to traditional techniques, and are often required for competitive public tenders.
Development and innovation are assured by several decades of experience gained in the field of Suction Excavators applications. For this reason, Gerotto developed the Mini Excavators, small robots that work as tools during aspiration works, digging and reclaiming operations. They work especially in confined spaces and dangerous environments, for example: mines, refineries, industrial plants and many more.
The production of Mini Excavators projected the company on the international market, leading it to important collaborations with European, Asian and American companies, and creating a large network of distributors worldwide.
Gerotto Federico S.r.l. specialized not only in the production, but also in operations with Mini Excavators combined to Suction Excavators, Industrial Aspirators but also Vacuum Trucks, which increased the variety of their employments. Gerotto's Mini Excavators, in fact, are very versatile and can be combined to suction machines of any kind. In addition, Gerotto has designed a complete range of explosion proof products (with ATEX certification) to work safely in explosion risk areas.


The story of Gerotto from the beginnings to today


Federico Gerotto founds the artisan enterprise of earthmoving works.


The firm becomes Gerotto Federico S.r.l. and it affirms its own success in the market using the most modern tools for the realization of its workings.


Gerotto Federico S.r.l. becomes RSP GmbH exclusive dealer in Italy for the sale and hire of suction excavators.


Creation of the first Mini Excavators: GATTO, LOMBRICO and BRUCO.


Realization of the first amphibious excavator in Italy, LEM, patented system for cleaning channels, marshes and swampy areas.


Improvement of the existing products and realization of new prototypes to expand the potentialities of the suction excavators (Lavaspyra, Quadra, Mobile bagging machine).


Introduction of the radio controlled version the Mini Excavators Gatto, Lombrico & Bruco. Realization of the first ATEX certified products, for operations in explosion-risk areas.


The sales network of Gerotto Federico S.r.l. expands abroad with the first contact in Chile. From that moment, dealers for Mini Excavators multiply all over the world.


Collaboration with the Polish company Somar to integrate certified cameras and lights into ATEX equipments, suitable for video inspections in explosion-risk areas. Production of Mini Excavators with E-Track technology to work in confined spaces.


Increase of the personnel in the Commercial Department and in the Research & Development Department of the company.

2016 - 2018

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. develops a new solution for cleaning tanks in hazardous environments, called Tank Cleaner. In the following years, its functions and features will be constantly improved.


Thanks to the accurate work of the Research and Development department, Gerotto launches on the market the new ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicle) The Bull and Mini Bull, designed for debris removal in underwater environments.


“Your safety is what matters to us.”

Entering narrow and dark spaces, which are often underground and at risk of explosion or landslide, is not the ideal condition for working.
Gerotto Federico S.r.l. endorsed this cause and made it its mission, identifying a slogan which is at the base of every company decision: NO MORE RISK.

This is the motto that guides the projects and services that the company has always developed, with the awareness that every employee has the right to work safely.

Therefore, the starting point for every solution and product that designers and engineers elaborate every day inside the company, is to eliminate dangers for men during digging operations and/or industrial cleaning.

It was in this way that the Mini Excavators were created and continue to evolve, becoming the flagship products of Gerotto Federico S.r.l., used in case of reclamation, digging, natural disasters and in explosion risk areas (ATEX zones).