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Gerotto Federico Srl: 50 years of excellence

On June 21, 2024 at the Padova Congress, more than 400 Italian and foreign guests celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary. They all relived the milestones and achievements of this long journey through emotional videos.

The evening was opened with a short film made with the stories, dreams, and accomplishments of employees achieved during the company’s 50 years. Afterwards, Alessandro Gerotto,CEO of the company, intertwined the company’s history with his own, delving into the values, mission and vision that shape the company’s past, present and future DNA.

Alessandro Gerotto says, “June 21 was a key moment that brought together emotions and smiles, but above all it was a time to celebrate together with colleagues, customers, partners and stakeholders 50 years of evolution. Condensing this journey into an event allowed the founding values of our company to emerge, those values that are also expressed today, every day, in the work of so many employees. A big thanks to them, first of all, and to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders for being protagonists of a story that, starting from a small town, has reached all over the world.”

The president of Confindustria Veneto Est, Leopoldo Destro, together with Senator Antonio De Poli, the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Padua, Antonio Santocono, and the mayor of Campodarsego, Valter Gallo, honored the company for its efforts, proud to have a company like Gerotto that has been able to bring so much value to the area and to make itself known all over the world.



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