Auger configuration

The configuration designed by Gerotto Federico S.r.l. to crush large quantities of material with Mini robot excavators

ATEX - The product is certified for working in explosion risk areas in compliance with ATEX directive.

Confined space - The product can be used inside closed environments, where human work is not  normally contemplated.

No man entry - The product can be used in hazardous areas, avoiding human entry.

No man risk - The product doesn’t cause explosions or toxic exhalations in the working area.

The Auger Configuration was designed to disintegrate the compacted materials and make it suctionable by the robot mini excavators. The accessory is equipped with interchangeable drums and augers with different shapes, materials (stainless steel, Hardox steel and brass for areas with potensially explosives atmosphere) and with different sizes of suction hose (from 4 to 10 inches) depending from the application.

The hydraulic motor rotates the auger in both directions and, while the drums spin, the material is conveyed down into the suction hose. The operator can also adjust the height of the drums through a hydraulic piston.

The Auger Configuration has been designed for the removal of large quantities of material and increase the production of the cleaning proccess, but  the suction can be performed effectively even if the material to be removed is a thin layer of a few centimeters.

It is available in the certified ATEX Zone 2, Zone 1 and Zone 0 versions for work in the oil&gas or sewer applications and it is interchangeable with all the accessories of the Lombrico SLombrico XXS and Lombrico S EX-0 range.


Why choose the Auger configuration:

  • Increase your production of material removal.
  • No More Risk for the operator, eliminating the use of manual tools for material disgregation (shovels and pneumatic tools).
  • Add it onto your exhisting unit with an easy and fast quick connection system.