Gerotto cleans the drains of Mumbai.

The technology of Mini Robot Excavators will contribute to prevent floods during the monsoons in Hindmata area, by eliminating debris and garbage accumulated during the past ten years.

Lombrico XXS in Mumbai

A 600-km-long drainage network, about 70 of which had not been properly cleaned for more than ten years.
This is the situation that our Lombrico XXS had to face in India, where it was choosen to clear out 27 kilometers of drains from silt, garbage and debris that have deposited during the years, making it hard for the water to flow into the sea.

In view of the arrival of the monsoon season, Mumbai's authorities decided to use Gerotto's Mini Robot Excavator to clean the British-era drainage network, without endangering the health of the operators.

Due to its small dimensions, Lombrico XXS, equipped with tracked undercarriages, lights, frontal cameras and an Auger to crush the material, has been lowered in the sewers and controlled from a distance to break up the sediment and then suck it up.

Indian authorities from the storm water drain department declared that the intervention of Gerotto's Mini Robot Excavator will cut down the flow time of the water of 50%, allowing the zone of Hindmata to better resist the monsoon floods.

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