Mini Robot Excavator for construction

At the service of a long-standing customer of Gerotto, the Mini Robot Excavator Gatto has been able to work on a construction site and dispose of 40 tons of debris in twelve hours.


Borgo Spurghi is a multiservice company that deals with rubble suction, civil and industrial cleaning services, asbestos removal and disposal and environmental remediation. The company relied on Gerotto to have a tool capable of adding value to the power of the suction excavator already used by the company during rubble suction interventions.

In particular, Borgo Spurghi chose the Gatto, one of the Gerotto’s Mini Robot Excavators, during an intervention that required the removal of tiles and the lowering of the floor level of 40 cm. Since this is a renovation of a tavern, it was necessary to use compact machines that could work in a poorly ventilated environment, eliminating exhaust emissions. The possibility of positioning the control unit of the Gatto outside the tavern made it possible to operate in salubrious and safe environments, precisely because the diesel emissions were outside the construction site.

Furthermore, the power of the Mini Robot Excavator allowed to remove 40 tons of material in 12 hours, optimizing the time to complete the work which, without the use of the Gatto, would have been performed manually by more operators and in a longer period of time.