Reym and the advantages of using the Lombrico S-Ex 0

Reym's team talks about their experience with the Gerotto Tank Cleaner. 


The Dutch company Reym, excellence in industrial cleaning for more than 65 years, focuses on safety and its ability to successfully complete tank cleaning avoiding direct operator intervention.

Precisely because of its focus on safety, Reym has invested in Gerotto products. “The robot can offer a solution for cleaning tanks fitted with roof legs, the so-called floating roof tanks,” says Ronald van Rijswijk, REYM's technical manager. “When the roof of these tanks is in the maintenance position, space is very limited and you want to keep them out the line of fire [...]”.

A big advantage of using the tank cleaning robot is that a tank does not have to be made gas-free before the work starts. “The robot is certified for working in an Atex zone 0, which means that we can work with it safely in an explosive dangerous area,” says Van Rijswijk. “Of course we cannot send our people into such a space. If we should send people in, we would first have to lower the LEL in the tank. That takes time and money. This can be a reason for the customer to choose the tank cleaning robot. ”


Another advantage is that REYM can work vapor return when a robot cleans a tank. “The vacuum truck then blows vapors back into the tank during cleaning, which of course is not possible if people work there,” Van Rijswijk explains. “By working with vapor return, emission to the air is prevented. That can also be done by placing a vapor destruction system behind the vacuum truck, but that is a lot more expensive. ”

The company has also recently invested in the purchase of Kti-7 cameras and Lil-2 LEDs for a more accurate inspection of the tank before, during and after cleaning. Reym therefore recognized the effectiveness of using the Lombrico S Ex-0 and recognized itself in the Out-the-Line of fire philosophy.