Remote controlled, hydraulic Mini Robot, equipped with upper rotating water nozzles, a nozzle bar and a suction nozzle for a complete cleaning in ATEX zone 0 fuel tanks

ATEX - The product is certified for working in explosion risk areas in compliance with ATEX directive.

Confined space - The product can be used inside closed environments, where human work is not  normally contemplated.

No man entry - The product can be used in hazardous areas, avoiding human entry.

No man risk - The product doesn’t cause explosions or toxic exhalations in the working area.


Lombrico X FTC (Fuel Tank Cleaning) is a remote controlled, ATEX Zone 0 certified, hydraulic driven mini robot, equipped with three upper rotating nozzles, that can be oriented horizontally or vertically by the operator, and a nozzle bar on the bottom of the robot, that can lift up and down according to the operation needs. Thanks to these nozzles the robot is able to wash all the internal surface of the tank  spraying high pressure water. Finally, the Lombrico X FTC can remove all the material thanks to the suction nozzle installed on the bottom of the robot. 

Prior to the washing, the robot can also nebulize any kind of chemical degreasing product to facilitate the cleaning of the inner surfaces of the tank.

The Lombrico X FTC can degrease, wash, vacuum and inspect the tank during the same working process which makes it the most complete solution for underground storage tank cleaning system in the market.

The current version features:

  • A choice of power pack, electrical, diesel or gasoline driven, for powering the system and controlling the working parameters.
  • ATEX zone 0 cameras and led lights that can be both mounted on the robot and/or installed on the manhole to have the most complete overview of the working operations.
  • ATEX Zone 1 (or non ATEX) monitor available in different sizes and with DVR function to record and download the images of the cleaning process.
  • ATEX Zone 1 (or non ATEX) manual or wireless remote control, allowing the operator to carry out the cleaning job from a safe distance.
  • Real 360° high pressure rotating nozzles, with different pressure and flow options, installed on a folding arm which allow the robot to clean round shaped tanks up to 3000mm in diameter.
  • Orientable nozzles pointing at the bottom of the robot used for fluidify heavy sediments and to deeply wash the central bottom of the tank, the dirtiest part of it.
  • Suction nozzle (76mm/ 3") to collect the results of the cleaning process and to remove all of them, leaving the tank cleaned.
  • Rubber tracks to climb over obstacles, (up to 15 cm, i.e. the reinforcement rings running around the internal shape of the tank) with the option of using magnetic tracks in the most difficult situations.
Why choose it

The Lombrico X FTC is the ideal solution for periodic maintenance in underground tanks: it cleans the internal surfaces, eliminating material sediment and encrustations without the needs of ventilating the tank prior to insert the robot in, as it is ATEX Zone 0 Certified and can work in the presence of dangerous and toxic gases

This extremely dangerous operation is traditionally carried out by personnel directly lowered into the tank and exposed to the evident risk of explosions or toxic gas exhalations.

Thanks to the Mini Robot designed and produced by Gerotto Federico S.r.l. it is possible to obtain many advantages:

  • Safety is heavily improved;
  • The variable costs are turned into fixed costs;
  • Faster operation compared to manual operation;
  • Faster turnaround of the tank.