Hydrant Tool

The Mini Robot Excavators’ accessory for vertical and horizontal cleaning of tanks and basins in ATEX zone zero

ATEX - The product is certified for working in explosion risk areas in compliance with ATEX directive.

The new Hydrant tool is part of the range of Gerotto’s accessories connected to the Lombrico series (Lombrico S, XXS and Lombrico S Ex-0) designed for the final washing of tanks and cisterns even in Atex Zone 0. This tool  is fundamental in the situation in which the material is so thick that needs to be fluidified with a high water flow in order to be removed. The new version of this tool, is also Equipped with a 4"/100 mm  nozzle to be used in combination with a vacuum truck or a vacuum pump in order to remove the result of the cleaning operation while the washing process is being performed.

Once the accessory is mounted on the Mini Robot Excavator, the powerful water jet from the nozzle can be activated (max 500 l / min - 132 gpm), and it is able to move and remove mud, sewage and sediment from the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the confined spaces. The hydraulic actuators allow the nozzle to rotate on two axes (X and Y), in this way, they direct the jet wherever it is needed and guarantee perfect cleaning of the surfaces. The suction nozzle, at the same time, removes the material resulting from the cleaning of the water nozzle.

The use of low-pressure water (min 20 bar - 300psi) is the most suitable solution for final cleaning in tank cleaning operations, since it allows to remove residues even from the most distant and difficult to reach points, such as the roof, coils, drains or pipes.

The pressure and water flow of the Hydrant tool accessory can be customized according to customer requests and the characteristics of the work to be performed.

Features :

  • Can be used with Lombrico S, XXS and Lombrico S Ex-0.
  • Max Water Flow 500 l / min - 132 gpm.
  • Max Water Pressure 1000 bar - 14500 psi (*).
  • 4"/100 mm suction nozzle.
  • Ability to rotate on X and Y axis.
  • High safety for operators.
  • Customizable on the client's needs.

(*) Adaptation required on the system i.e. water hose, swiveling joints etc.