Combi Nozzle

Combi Nozzle is the solution developed by Gerotto for the aspiration, disintegration and fluidization of viscous and muddy material of different shape and consistency

ATEX - The product is certified for working in explosion risk areas in compliance with ATEX directive.

In refineries, chemical plants and in general in the industrial field, the problem of cleaning tanks has always been particularly complex.

The material that settles on the bottom plants often has a viscous or clayey consistency and must be removed with the help of high pressure water. This task, usually carried out by operators entering the tanks equipped with a nozzle, is extremely dangerous both for the pressure of the jet and for the fumes that the confined space can release.

The Mini robot Excavators of the Lombrico serie, equipped with the Combi Suction Nozzle accessory, are perfect for eliminating the problem: consisting of adjustable nozzles that are used in combination with high-pressure water (whose flow rate can be customized according to customer needs), Combi Suction Nozzle quickly disintegrates even the most sticky material, thus facilitating suction activities.

Thanks to its hydraulic piston, the nozzles installed on an adjustable bar can also be directed by the operator towards the mouth of the robot, so it facilitates the flow of the collected material towards the suction line.

Why choose it:

  • it is particularly effective in the case of dense and sticky material (such as sludge or clay) both dry and wet;
  • the execution of the work is more flexible since the adjustable nozzles prevent the residue to be sucked from clogging the robot tube;
  • the operator works safely, since the lance is not needed, with high pressure water and he’s not forced to enter in dangerous confined spaces;
  • cleaning operations are faster and economically advantageous;
  • it is also available in the Atex Zone 0 certified version for hazardous work environments;
  • can be used with 4 "to 10" suction hoses.