Hydrological risk

Gerotto's experience in emergency interventions in case of hydrological instability has often proved to be fundamental, and even more important to plan effective maintenance


The abundance of rain and the lowering of temperatures in the autumn period often causes flooding of rivers of various sizes, with relative damage to people, homes, things and the environment.in advance. 
The catastrophic event is what immediately concerns in occasions like these, but the immense number of floods, even minor ones, is just as problematic because it has an important impact on the life and work of many people.
Every year those who live near watercourses have to secure their own furniture and objects at a higher level than the ground floor.

In situations like these, Gerotto carries out interventions, even in an emergency, with Mini robot Excavators and suction Excavators, both in the preventive phase and when the danger is overcome.
In order to prevent the inconvenience that floods cause, we take care of keeping drains, sewers and small streams free of debris and sediments of all kinds (leaves, crushed stone, mud), before they block the flow of water.

If the damage has already occurred, we are called to remove mud, water and gravel as quickly as possible from houses and road surfaces, in order to restore normalcy as soon as possible.
Over the many years of work in this area, we have increasingly understood the importance of planning periodic maintenance of both the sewer network and the drainage channels.
Acting in advance and consistently over time, allows you to significantly limit damage once the rain exceeds the alert levels.

In addition to the Suction Excavators and the teams dedicated to Industrial Suction Services, we also operate with our Mini robot Excavators expressly designed to solve cases like these quickly and in complete safety.
The Gerotto Lombricos  are fundamental in the preventive phase of cleaning the pipes. Thanks to the different sizes, the robot can enter even in very narrow pipes.

The Bull and Mini Bull are perfect to remove sedimented sludge on flat bottoms and pipelines in difficult-to-reach underwater environments.

Where it is necessary to intervene to remove stones and mud deposited by the flood, we operate with the radio-controlled mini shovel Dozer RC, which is able to lift and move debris of greater weight and dimensions.

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Gerotto's Mini Robot Excavators able to manage flood problems: