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1974-2024: 50 YEARS OF GEROTTO

Celebrating 50 years of history, 50 years of women and men who have contributed to Gerotto’s growth and achievements.

From the first infrastructure maintenance and construction work, to the introduction of suction excavators in Italy and then the design of robots for industrial cleaning: each step of this journey is a synthesis of concreteness, developed over decades of construction sites, and the innovative drive towards the future.

Alessandro Gerotto, CEO of the company: «This anniversary is an important landmark for our history and we are grateful for the employees, the clients and the suppliers that have contributed – and keep contributing – to the growth of the company. I would like to synthetize our story with a quote of Oscar Wilde: “Tradition is a successful innovation”. With this spirit, that animated Gerotto’s founders, we are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow’s construction industry and industrial field».



Le migliori soluzioni per la manutenzione industriale, la pulizia di serbatoi di stoccaggio, tubazioni, spazi confinati, zone Atex e ambienti subacquei.

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