The Gerotto team will explain the benefits of dry-suction technology and the versatile mini robots


On the occasion of the prestigious International NO-DIG conference, focused on trenchless technologies, the Gerotto team was selected to present the advantages of using the dry-suction techniques combined with the versatile mini robots.

The topic of the speech will be the cleaning of the sewer system of Lake Santa Caterina, a UNESCO site immersed in the wonderful Dolomites.

The sewer was heavily clogged with sand and material carried by rain over time.

In less than a month, the intervention of the Gerotto team managed to:

  • clean, check, video-inspect 950m of main sewer + 190m of secondary network.
  • Monitor 23 line manholes.
  • Remove and send 10 m³ of material to landfill.

Alessandro Gerotto, referring to this intervention, will bring out the benefits of dry-suction technologies in terms of low environmental impact, cost and time reduction.