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Hydrologic risk

Gerotto’s experience in emergency response to hydrological disruption has often proved crucial, but the real difference in dealing with such situations lies in planning effective maintenance in advance.

Floods and landslides of varying magnitude: the abundance of rain and lowering temperatures in the autumn period often causes flooding of rivers of varying magnitude, with associated damage to people, homes, property and the environment. The catastrophic event is what immediately leaps to the eye on occasions such as these, but the immense number of floods, even minor ones, that occur during this period are equally problematic because they have a major impact on the lives and work of so many people.

At best, those who live near waterways risk, with each passing year, having to secure furniture and objects at a higher level than the ground floor.

In situations such as these, we at Gerotto perform interventions, even in emergencies, with Mini Excavator robots and Suction Excavators, both in the preventive phase and when the danger has passed.

To anticipate the inconvenience that flooding causes, we take care of keeping drainage channels, sewers and small watercourses free of debris and sediment of all kinds (leaves, rubble, mud) before they block the flow of water. If the damage has already occurred, we are called in to remove mud, water, and gravel as quickly as possible from houses and road surfaces so that normalcy can be restored as soon as possible.

Over the many years we have been working in this area, we have come to understand more and more clearly the importance of planning for regular maintenance of both the sewer system and drains. By taking action early and consistently over time, damage can be significantly limited once rain exceeds alert levels.

In addition to our Suction Excavators and teams dedicated to Industrial Suction Services, we also intervene with our Mini Excavator robots expressly designed to quickly and safely resolve cases like these.

Gerotto’s Lombrico series robots are essential in the preventive phase of pipeline clearance, thanks in part to the different sizes available that allow them to be remotely guided by the operator and enter even very narrow pipes.

The bull and Mini bull are used to remove sedimented sludge on flat bottoms and pipelines in hard-to-reach underwater environments, thus proving essential to act even in emergencies.

Where, on the other hand, action is needed to remove stones and mud deposited by flooding, we intervene with the Dozer RC radio-controlled mini shovel, which can lift and move debris of greater weight and size.



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