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IFAT 2022: double stand for Gerotto - Gerotto

Gerotto presents the world premiere of the industrial cleaning trailer and the Smart Service Kit virtual reality system

Gerotto has chosen IFAT to present two innovative solutions that meet the needs of productivity and efficiency for the maintenance of industrial plants. This is an evolution that is part of a constant path of development of new robotic solutions for the cleaning and reclamation of industrial plants. Since the early 2000s, in fact, Gerotto Federico Srl has been among the most active players in proposing remote-controlled technologies specific for confined spaces and ATEX zone 0. The company will be present with two stands: the first one (C4 – 326) will be the showcase for the whole range of robots that for over 20 years has been chosen by contractors and asset owners; the second external stand (34C.3) will display an innovative trailer, hooked to a normal Van, which offers a compact and agile solution.  

The trailer: straight to the site 

Completely designed and manufactured by the Research and Development department, the company will exhibit in Munich an innovative system that could become part of the fleet of the sector’s contractors. It is a trailer that can be hooked up to any van, combining in a small space a control room, a radio-controlled robot, power pack and hose reel. The operator can therefore have an agile and portable system that speeds up site set-up operations while maintaining high operating performance and productivity.   

Smart service kit: virtual reality for hands-free assistance  

Smart Service Kit is the name of the system that writes a new page in customer assistance: thanks to virtual reality, in fact, it will be possible to support customers and carry out training activities in an even more effective and timely manner. Thanks to interactive glasses, it will be possible to visualize and interact in real time with images, save files, show technical sheets. The operator can have his hands free from other devices and concentrate 100% on his work. All in a fast, intuitive and functional way.   

In the heart of industry: the range of gerotto robots 

Since 2002, year of the first robot prototype, the company has constantly proposed to the market innovative solutions to clean and reclaim industrial sites such as refineries, oil&gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, mines. At IFAT Gerotto Federico Srl will exhibit the Lombrico S EX0, a high-performance solution for Atex Zone 0 that, thanks to accessories, cameras and 4.0 equipment, allows to have full control over all phases of processing; the Bull range consists of underwater ROVs suitable for cleaning tanks and allow to work in continuity avoiding plant shutdown; Lombrico XXS is a compact and agile robot to enter in reduced man paces. Finally, the company will be exhibiting a new CCTV system for increasingly accurate control of cleaning operations and an evolved human-machine interface.  

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