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Pneumatic suction technologies on No Dig Italy

Alessandro Gerotto and Gianmario Giurlani report on pneumatic suction technologies in the industry magazine No Dig Italy

Minimizing the impact of construction sites, maximizing safety: these are the two key points to understanding the real benefits of suction excavators and mini-robots. A technology that is revolutionizing the world of construction sites and reclamation also in Italy, after having already been successfully used in France and England.

The magazine No Dig Italia, the information organ of theItalian Association of Trenchelss Technology (IATT), published an article by Alessandro Gerotto and Gianmario Giurlani that takes stock of the potential and opportunities of this noninvasive technique.

Underlying the paper is the UNI Praxis, written by IATT, Unindustria and a number of industry players, including Gerotto: the document has become a valuable tool for raising awareness of a mature technology in building underground infrastructure with low environmental impact, and which will be complemented by a second Praxis related to Minirobot Excavators.



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