Alessandro Gerotto President of ANCE Padova

Alessandro Gerotto has been officially nominated President of ANCE Padova

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Gerotto Presidente ANCE

ANCE is a reality that brings together Italian industrial building contractors and which is made up of provincial territorial organizations such as the Association of Construction Builders of Padova.

From today, Alessandro Gerotto has been proclaimed President of the ANCE Padova.

Starting from the protection and representation of the professional interests of the category, ANCE Padova deals with:

  • manages relations with institutions, regional administrations, political and trade union organizations;
  • promotes and implement entrepreneurial initiatives linked to the development of the category (in the corporate, economic, safety, technological and environmental fields);
  • provides assistance and strategic advice to companies.

It is a complex but extremely challenging task that Alessandro has chosen to tackle with determination and a great desire for innovation, so that the category is best represented and can always aspire to new goals.