Tracked Mini Robot Excavator with hydraulic arm and optional suction hose passing through the tracks, for removing and aspirating the material.

Confined space - The product can be used inside closed environments, where human work is not  normally contemplated.


The Gatto, initially designed in 2002 and known as Gatto of Venice, is a Mini Robot Excavator suitable for construction and remediation activities, and designed to work together with a suction machine (such as Suction Excavators or Vacuum Trucks) for the removal of different types of materials.

The latest version designed by Gerotto is made of stainless steel, a material that makes it more resistant to wear (chemical agents, rust) and increases its weight guaranteeing a stronger grip to the ground; it is also configured to be controlled remotely for working in confined spaces.

This Mini Robot Excavator has been redesigned in a modular way, so it can be disassembled, inserted through a Ø600 mm [24"] manhole, and then reassembled inside the sewer to clean.

The new Gatto is equipped with:

  • two hydraulic driven rubber tracks;
  • hydraulic manual manifold mounted on board;
  • quick connectors to the hydraulic source;
  • frontal stabilizers;
  • possibility to add a central hose between the tracks, depending on the need to dig and suck up material at the same time;
  • rollbar for better ensuring the safety of the operator (optional).

In particular, the radio controlled version of this Mini Robot Excavator, called Gatto RC, proves to be the perfect solution for working in confined spaces, such as underground tunnels and siphon galleries, because the operator can perform precise and accurate interventions, remaining at a safe distance. Gatto RC can be controlled both visually or from a safe position through a system of cameras and lights mounted on-board.

A variant of the Gatto RC Mini Robot Excavator is the Suction Gatto, which has the possibility to equip the mechanical arm with a suction hose held vertically, in order to reach a greater depth when necessary.

The Suction Gatto option is ideal for working with Vacuum Trucks and Hydro Excavators.

Why choose it

The Mini Robot Excavator Gatto is the perfect solution for:

  • reach narrow spaces, such as tunnels, sewer pipes and underground canals, and clean them from the debris;
  • working at a safe distance, avoiding man entry in confined spaces (with the radiocontrolled version Gatto RC);
  • operations of line, sign and pole installation, potholing, daylighting, rehabilitation of sewers and pipes (with the Suction Gatto variant);
  • simplify work, limiting the use of manual tools;
  • reducing working time, with resulting lower costs. 

References: In 2002 the Gatto of Venice produced by Gerotto Federico S.r.l. contributed to the recovery of the "Rii Terrai" (small underground channels), within the Leonardo Project for the renovation of the historic city center of Venice. Together with the Lombrico, another famous mini robot produced by Gerotto, this innovative and multifunctional machine contributed to clear one of the most beautiful places in the world from mud and debris, reducing the annoyance of a more traditional cleaning system.