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Gerotto on Industrial Technology

Team Gerotto customizes the solution to your problem.

Minimizing risks to operators in industrial cleaning is our mission, and in order to always deliver on our promise, it is necessary to customize the solution to the specific problem being addressed.

Industrial tank and tank cleaning, ATEX zones, culverts, sewer interventions, underwater environments, confined spaces… Gerotto can find the right formula to be able to intervene in even the most difficult spaces.

One example among all is the Tank Cleaner Configurator System composed of a structure that can adapt to the customer’s individual problem in order to effectively and safely clean tanks in ATEX zones.

Read more about how Gerotto customizes its interventions in the Industrial Technology magazine article.



Le migliori soluzioni per la manutenzione industriale, la pulizia di serbatoi di stoccaggio, tubazioni, spazi confinati, zone Atex e ambienti subacquei.

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