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The Gerotto team has been actively participating in the activities of the EWJI, European Water Jetting Institute, a non-profit organisation with the aim of integrating knowledge in the field of water jetting (technologies operating with very high pressure water jets) in order to increase innovation, safety and quality in this sector. Gerotto joined this organisation precisely to share knowledge and experience in the field of industrial cleaning with asset owners, contractors and manufacturers.

After our experience as speakers in the webinar “NON-MAN ENTRY TANK & VESSEL CLEANING”, we participated in writing the document “Guide about the use of automation in industrial cleaning”, bringing our experience as manufacturers of robotic technologies.

The Guide is intended as a reference document for automated industrial cleaning and explains the main functions that operators need to develop in their work, what equipment is required, how the work should be planned and executed and what personnel are needed.

Find out how to download the guide and get in-depth advice from industry experts.

Gerotto-robotics - Ecomondo 2022


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