Lombrico XT

The perfect robot Mini Excavator to easily enter very narrow spaces.

ATEX - The product is certified for working in explosion risk areas in compliance with ATEX directive.

Confined space - The product can be used inside closed environments, where human work is not  normally contemplated.

No man entry - The product can be used in hazardous areas, avoiding human entry.

No man risk - The product doesn’t cause explosions or toxic exhalations in the working area.


The new Lombrico XT (Extra Tight) is the result of the requests of our customers: many have expressed the need to carry out cleaning in confined spaces with even smaller access points, up to 390 mm in diameter (less than 16 inches).

The characteristics are similar to those of the Lombrico S and the Lombrico XXS :

  • structure in stainless steel (AISI 316);
  • hose connected to the suction unit;
  • hydraulic distributor for the movement of the vehicle;
  • remote control;
  • cameras and LEDs connected to the video system to work better even in spaces with limited visibility;
  • various accessories to be able to customize the vehicle according to work needs.


The Lombrico XT is able to clean sludge, debris and sediments in pipes, tunnels, conveyor belts, tanks, as well as in all confined spaces even in the Atex zone (from Zone 0 to Zone 2).

Why choose it

The limited measures of the robot Mini Excavator Lombrico XT make it the perfect tool for getting into the tightest spaces, allowing operators to work in complete safety thanks to the remote control. 

The dimensions of the Lombrico XT are:

  • Height: 285mm / less than 12"
  • Length: 890mm / 35"
  • Weight: 80kg /175 Lb
  • Suction hose: 80mm / 3"
  • Minimum manhole: 390 mm / less than 16"

The Atex Zone 2, Zone 1 and Zone 0 versions of this machine allow it to enter and move inside dangerous confined spaces, such as refineries and nuclear plants.