Squeege Tool

The Mini Robot Excavator's accessory created by Gerotto to finalize the cleaning of sediments or viscous materials. 

ATEX - The product is certified for working in explosion risk areas in compliance with ATEX directive.

Squeege tool is one of the Gerotto's accessory for the Lombrico serie (Lombrico S, Lombrico XXS, Lombrico S EX-0 for the ATEX zone 0), it has been specifically designed to finalize the cleaning of the working environment, in particular in tanks, or in situations where the quantity of material to be removed is not excessive.

After the Gerotto Mini Excavator robot has completed the most substantial part of the cleaning operations, crushing debris and / or sediment and removing them using other accessories (such as the auger), using the Squeege tool is useful to finish the job in order to leave the area completely clean.

It is composed of two lateral wings of adjustable length which, by means of two pistons, open at different angles and convey the material towards the robot's suction tube, facilitating the suction of even the most viscous materials. Squeege tool is equipped with a suction tube adjustable in height, depending on the grain of the sediment to be sucked, and can be combined with other water tools created by Gerotto, or accessories that introduce water into the working area to fluidify the sediment and make it easier the material removal.


  • availability in two versions, 4 or 6 inches and adjustable size;
  • maximum wing opening: 1.40 meters;
  • adjustability to adapt to any type of work environment, even the most viscous ones;
  • equipped with two pistons, which allow it to be used even in intermediate sizes;
  • ability to act in combination with Gerotto's water tools (High Pressure Low Flow Water Nozzles and Aggressive Water Nozzle for Lombrico S) for deeper cleaning of the working area.