Mini Bull

Gerotto's remote controlled, mini underwater robot, created for cleaning plants in operation.

Confined space - The product can be used inside closed environments, where human work is not  normally contemplated.

No man entry - The product can be used in hazardous areas, avoiding human entry.


Mini Bull is the smallest underwater robot created by Gerotto for cleaning narrow and submerged spaces, difficult to reach, such as cooling towers' basins, cisterns for water collection and conduits in the industrial sector.

It's composed of: 

  • a centrifugal pump for removing debris from the bottom of tanks and basins;
  • a tracked undercarriage with two rubber tracks, to better move on the bottom and go past possible obstacles;
  • a rotating frontal brush to convey the debris towards the suction nozzle of the robot and remove encrustations.

Thanks to its stainless steel construction, to special gaskets and to specific points of lubrication, the hydraulic system can work underwater and resist to corrosion and pressure variations.

Why choose it

Mini Bull has been mainly designed to reach confined spaces where access is often forbidden for operators or which are difficult to reach being very narrow and submerged. Cleaning these places is now possible limiting risks for the personnel and without reducing the final quality of the remediation.

Thanks to Mini Bull, it is also possible to carry out this kind of maintenances without stopping the plants, nor emptying cisterns and conduits. Interventions, in fact, are non-invasive and no-man-entry, because the operator controls the robot through a hydraulic distributor from a safe position.

Thanks to the pump mounted onboard, Mini Bull doesn't need aspirating machines, and the liquid can be collected and discharged in the most suitable place, depending on the type of work. 

Taking care of operators' safety is our first goal.Thus, we developed a system composed of leds and cameras in order to better control underwater robot from a safe area: 

  • 4 LEDs;
  • a fixed camera, which frames and records the area in front of the robot;
  • pan & Tilt camera head, able to rotate and tilt to have a better view on the overall environment;
  • a control box with two monitors, one for each cameras.