To ensure high performance and the ability to reach the narrowest spaces to remove sediments and debris, the Gerotto's Robot Mini Excavators are supplied with an increasingly large number of accessories and complements.

Auger configuration

The configuration designed by Gerotto Federico S.r.l. to crush large quantities of material with Mini robot excavators. 


Brushed Auger

Brushed Auger is the best tool in order to remove gravel from the roofs in a safe way


Combi Nozzle

Combi Nozzle is the solution developed by Gerotto for the aspiration, disintegration and fluidization of viscous and muddy material of different shape and consistency



The Mini Robot Excavators’ accessory for vertical and horizontal cleaning of tanks and basins. 



The solution of Gerotto Federico S.r.l. in handling Mini robot Excavators on slippery surfaces



The Mini Robot Excavator's accessory created by Gerotto to finalize the cleaning of sediments or viscous materials. 


Standard Cameras

The standard camera system allows you to record during operations in confined spaces