The risks of mining work are closely related to the conditions of the workplace, for this reason it is important to clean the tunnels quickly and efficiently.

Mining sites are environments with a high presence of dust and debris. To ensure the correct functioning of the machinery, avoid interruptions of the production and guarantee the safety of the workers inside the mine, high accuracy in the cleaning and maintenance phase is essential.

Accumulation of dust and debris under conveyour belts and inside the tunnels is the main cause of malfunction and faults of the machinery, that can be dangerous for the health of the workers: for this reason, when new tunnels are digged, the working area has to be cleared as soon as possible.

Gerotto's solution

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has designed and created specific robots for working in mining-like environments: confined, underground, hardly accessible spaces, often with potentially explosive atmospheres. 

These specific machines are ATEX certified, of small dimensions, and can reach the most inaccessible places, such as under conveyour belts.

  • Dozer RC is a mini radio-controlled loader made by Gerotto to move the debris towards the mouth of a Suction Excavator;
  • Lombrico of Venice, tracked ROV to be connected to an external unit through a suction hose;
  • Mining Gatto, machine suitable for digging small ducts.