Offshore environments

Working on offshore oil platforms requires extreme attention to safety, because of the presence and processing of materials with a high explosion risk.

piattaforma petrolifera in ambiente off-shore

The handling of heavy loads in environments like offshore oilfields have to be carried out with specific, ATEX certified trolleys because, due to oil products extracted or worked on board, potentially explosive atmospheres could form.

The dangerousness of offshore environments is mainly due to the complexity in rescue operations in case of explosion, since these are places in the open sea and therefore difficult to reach.

During normal work on board it is therefore essential to use certified machines that reduce the risk of explosion even for ordinary operations such as:

  • handling of heavy loads that can't be carried out with a crane;
  • video surveillance and illumination of environments.

Gerotto's solution

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has developed special devices to work in special conditions and environments, such as offshore plants:

  • Mini Mover ATEX and Trolley ATEX, wired or radiocontrolled mini trailers for handling loads;
  • intrinsically safe, ATEX certified cameras and lights, for monitoring workplaces from a safe distance.