Smart Service Kit : an innovative, smart and fast way to receive after-sales assistance 

The smart service kit was developed to support customers during training activities in an even more effective and timely way. Thanks to the interactive glasses it is possible to view and interact in real time with images, save files, show technical data sheets. The operator has his hands free from other devices so that he can concentrate 100% on his work. All in a fast, intuitive and functional way.



  • Professional shockproof suitcase. 
  • Remote controller. 
  • Smart glasses. 
  • 4G sim wi-fi router. 
  • 12Vdc power socket. 
  • Power supply 220Vac-12Vdc. 
  • Remote eyepiece application. 
  • Headphones. 
  • USB socket for fast charging. 


  • The operator has his hands free while being guided by an expert from the Gerotto team during assistance. It will therefore not be hindered by other devices to hold in hand. 
  • Immediate response from an expert from the Gerotto team in real time. 
  • Security: the entire interview is encrypted also for the video and audio part. 
  • Direct support in the field. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Ability to record photos and videos. To review and listen to the instructions again. 

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