The Moto2 European Championship - CEV is just finished and Tommaso Macron gained the fourth position, but the very last race for Tommaso was the one of the MotoGP. 


The 10th of November Tommaso Marcon concluded the Moto 2 European Championship - CEV in Valencia.

In the last race in Valencia he gained the 4th position after a burning duel with his team mate Yari Montella.

Thanks to his determination and willingness to win, Tommmaso was always capable to make us live strong emotions through his great results during this season. Gerotto identifies its values with this young talent because of his willingness to improve his performance and the way he aims high.

That’s why Gerotto Team follows with interest his path to reach the MotoGp. However, challenges never end! Yesterday Tommaso had the occasion to run in the Wold Championship with the RW Racing GP team. He gained the 27th position due to an unfortunate fall, but he didn't hesitate to get back up and to conclude the race.

Gerotto Team can't wait to know all the news on Tommaso future and in the meantime we congratulate him on his successful season!