Gerotto Federico S.r.l. presents its Mini Robot Excavators, designed and produced by the company to perform totally safe aspiration works from a safe distance.

Resulting from a long experience in the vacuum aspiration field at an international level, Mini Robot Excavators are the example of the ingenuity and all-Italian experience of the Campodarsego company, that designed them to reach narrow spaces where manual labour is prohibited, guaranteeing the safety of the operators who work in confined spaces or environments with high explosion risk (ATEX zone zero) or toxic emissions.

Lombrico S

The perfect solution for aspiration in sewer pipes and confined spaces.

Lombrico XXS

Mini Robot Excavator for cleaning pipes with a diameter of 450 mm [18''].

Lombrico XT

The perfect robot Mini Excavator to easily enter very narrow spaces.


Mini Bull

Mini underwater robot for cleaning the bottom of tanks and conduits.

The Bull

Mini Robot Excavator suitable for removing mud from the bottom of underwater environments.


The mini robot for works in confined spaces, underground tunnels and drain pipes.

Cameras and lights

Video-inspection system composed of ATEX Zone 0 certified cameras and LED lights.


Electric machine suitable for working in closed environments.